Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Specialists: Down to the Wire by Shannon Greenland

Title: Down to the Wire
Author: Shannon Greenland
Average Price: $6.99 U.S. ($8.99 CAN) Paperback
Publication Date: September 2007
Publisher: Penguin
Number of Pages: 213


Frankie has an uncanny knack for electronics, specifically breaking into the most elaborate security systems. Which is precisely why he was recruited by the Specialists. And after only a few months in the organization, Frankie, aka Wirenut, is ready for his first mission. When wealthy entrepreneur Octavias Zorba hires the Specialists to recover a stolen neurotoxin, the head of the Specialists is sure that Wirenut is perfect for the job. But there's a catch. The computer-coded hints that will lead to the neurotoxin are hidden in a few precious museum artifacts, which happen to be securely locked away. And when these hints are found, there is limited time to get them decoded or they will disappear forever. Enter GiGi and her computer-code genius ability. But when GiGi and Wirenut begin their mission, they find themselves up against a few obstacles, including a copy cat who turns up everywhere they go. And suddenly they find themselves on a fast-paced hunt for the criminal, with time quickly running out....

Before I start this review I just want to say sorry about my current spy book addiction. You all must be sick and tired of hearing about the latest (and greatest) spy books. I'll try to mix to up a bit!

The second book in The Specialists series starts off with how one of the spies, Wirenut (a.k.a. Frankie) lands a position as one of the member of the Specialists. I thought his story was very interesting and had a wonderful tie-in with the plot of this book. I also liked how each book of The Specialists series focuses on one particular member. I really felt like I knew the characters.

Right after Wirenut's story ends we pick right up from the first book, Model Spy. The story moved quickly which made this book quite enjoyable. Unlike last time, I found that Shannon Greenland made the cliffhangers in these books a bit more dramatic and realistic.

What I noticed straight away when I started this book was all the detail that went in regarding each person's special skill. I learned so much about security systems, what types there are and how to break in to them that I'm sure I could write a little "how to" right now! It was incredible!

I like the betrayal the author threw into the end and how the mission in this book had a lot to do with Wirenut and his past. The only thing that I thought was really unnecessary was the gory scene at the mansion. Ewwww. Too much detail. In fact, I think that could have been taken out all together.

The Bottom Line: This is a cute, fast-paced novel that I would recommend to you spy book lovers out there and to some of the younger readers. I'm giving this novel a B.

Cover Note: I don't know if this is just me, but does the leg on the cover bother you? I don't think it looks natural and its driving me insane!



Bostan said...

I have been wanting to read the series for a while now. I also have a spy craze. This books sounds good, i can't wait till i read it!

The legs are a bit long.

Shannon Greenland said...

Everyone asks me if the legs are mine. LOL. I'm 5'5". I'd have to be waaay taller than that for those legs. :)

Iryna said...

Bostan: Phew. I thought that was just me. Thanks for commenting!

Shannon: Wow, I feel honored that you visited my blog! Thank-you!