Monday, May 18, 2009

Sarah Dessen Challenge

Em over at Em's Bookshelf is hosting a Sarah Dessen Challenge so I've decided to join her!

The Rules:

1) Read all 9 books by Sarah Dessen.
2) Set your own time frame. Don't stress...this is supposed to be fun! :)
3) Comment on this post or link to this post on your blog. The more people that hear about this, the more people we'll have cheering us on!

I'm going to try and read all of the books by the end of the year, not because I'm a slow reader (I don't think) but because I want to own all of the books as I read them.

Em is also hosting a contest to win an ARC of Sarah's newest book, Along For the Ride, so go over there and read the details! It ends tomorrow so you'll have to hurry!

P.S. I made the button up there by myself (my first!) and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on improvement for next time? The quality is kind of suckish because I made the button small, then had to expand it.


Miss Cindy said...

I joined this challenge after I saw this post! Thanks for sharing :)

Em said...

Yay! Thanks for joining in the fun. :)

Em said...

And the button is cute! I use Photoshop for mine, what did you use? Also, I think that the way to make the quality better is to start big and then shrink if needed. That's what I do. :) But maybe other people could offer some better suggestions.