Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Between These Pages #10

Has a quote ever painted a smile onto your face? Or made you seriously think? Or even have made you see things in a different perspective? Well, that's what "In Between These Pages" is all about! Each week I will post quotes from books that have done just that. This meme was invented by Christina at "Insert Book Title Here" and a similar one by Karin at "Karin's Book Nook" but I have decided to rename it "In Between These Pages".

"Now, looking back at a life of doing what I was told, I realized I'd bought into the game When adults patted me on the head and told me I was so grown-up, what they really meant was that they were glad I wasn't grown up enough yet to question, to fight back."

". . . that sometimes when you were low, all you had left in life was your right to close the door on the world and sit in your room alone where nothing further could befall you."

"Watching her, Sumiko knew she was struck by a type of lightening when she was born. There were people like that in the world."

"'Read that book', Bull said. "Don't forget the title: Basic Irrigation for Small Farms by Samuel Morrison. It was the best book I ever read.'

Sumiko hadn't even known Bull had ever read a book.

Bull continued, 'You can't put it down. It's better then a mystery. I read it three times

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