Sunday, March 29, 2009

"Joy Lynn Goddard" Celebration!

I very excited to bring to you a Joy Lynn Goddard celebration!

Who: Joy Lynn Goddard
What: Reviews, Sneak Peeks and an Interview!
When: From March 30th to April 9th.
Where: Right here at "A Garden of Books"!
Why: To celebrate Joy Lynn Goddard's awesome books!

I was very fortunate to move to a school a few years back where an author teaches! That's right - I get to see a real live author at my school every day! If you haven't heard of Joy Lynn Goddard then Google her right now! She writes amazing page-turning contemporary YA novels that will leave you feeling shocked that you haven't read her books before.

Tuesday: A review of Joy Goddard's first book "Daredevils".

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