Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess Who? #1

No. I know what you're thinking: "Are we talking about that board game made by Milton Bradley?" No. We are not. In fact, we are talking about - drum roll please - my very own meme!

Every Friday I will post five facts about an author, each one a little more revealing then the one before, and I will give you the weekend to try and figure out who I'm talking about. The Monday following, I will post the answer. Sound like fun? If so, then here is my very first one:
  1. This is a FEMALE author.
  2. She was born during the Chinese astrological year of the Fire Horse.
  3. She writes for kids, teens AND adults.
  4. There are TWO movies out there based on her books.
  5. She shares the same last name as a certain Italian explorer.
What do you guys think? Should I make this a weekly thing? Was this too easy? Post your answers in the comments section BUT don't look there if you don't want the answer spoiled for you.

Also, special thanks goes to Serena. You know who you are and why.


Senfaye said...

This sounds like sooo much fun! I don't no who the first author is though.
-Senfaye :)

Iryna said...

Do you think I should make this easier then?

Tiqa Khairi said...

Omg! Omg! Its Meg Cabot, isnt it? Isnt it? I'm just guessing based on num 3 &4. I could google number 5 but I prefer to be surprised.

And yes, I think you should totally make it weekly! Great Idea!

Iryna said...

I'll post the answers on Monday.

Thank-you SO much for commenting Tiqa Khairi! Thanks for the compliment!

Senfaye said...

Can I do this on my blog?
-Senfaye :)

Iryna said...

Senfaye, go ahead! Just please announce that I thought of it. :)

Senfaye said...

I will!
-Senfaye :)

Jen said...

Definatly Meg Cabot. Didnt know about the fire horse though <3

Love this meme.

Iryna said...

Thanks, Jen!