Friday, April 10, 2009

Author Interview With Joy Lynn Goddard

Joy Lynn Goddard is the spectacular Canadian author of the Northview Tales series. Her novels include "Daredevils", "Charlie's Song", "Hello, my name is Emily" and "Jazz" which are all coming-of-age stories.

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A Garden of Books: Thanks for doing this interview with me! My first question is: why did you decide to write your first novel, "Daredevils"?

Joy Lynn Goddard: Well, a girl I once taught when I was teaching Grade 7 played on a hockey team and she was constantly being bullied. At the same time one of my friend's sons fell head first in the Niagra Falls so I connected the two. Actually, I wrote "Daredevils" in the bathroom.

A Garden of Books: Okay . . . why?

Joy Lynn Goddard: Because at the time I was living in my parents home and the only three-pronged plug was in the bathroom.

A Garden of Books: Wow, you must really have been motivated! You are also a mother and a teacher. That's great! So, how do you find time to write between your family and your teaching?

Joy Lynn Goddard: Aaagh! My husband does a lot of the marketing and buys the produce and everything so because of him, I somehow find the time to write. I also make sure that every Sunday and Saturday and during the holidays I wake up at around 5:00 a.m. and write for 5- 10 hours.

A Garden of Books: I've noticed that, so far, all of your novels are young adult contemporary fiction. Why do you write in that genre instead of, for example, science - fiction?

Joy Lynn Goddard: I guess it's just because I have these pictures in my head and there is a stoey to be told. They're probably contemporary fiction because it has to do with what's going on around me.

A Garden of Books: Do you have a favourite book that you wrote?

Joy Lynn Goddard: For sure it's "Jazz" because of the part that includes refrences the the Underground Railway, which is absolutaly fascinating to me. I can't believe how poorly they treated those people! I really wanted to teach kids about this but kids don't like to be told facts so I put it into a story.

A Garden of Books: Which one of your characters are most like you?

Joy Lynn Goddard: Om my goodness. I don't know . . . As I kid I was flighty so I was probably most like Alex. I was very interested in a lot of different things . . . I guess there is a bit of me in all of my characters.

A Garden of Books: Do you have a favourite book?

Joy Lynn Goddard: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

A Garden of Books: Can you give us a sneak peak of your next book, "Mrs. Maloney's Garden"?

Joy Lynn Goddard: Sure. It's a book about a group of boys whose baseball lands in a little old ladies backyard and the boys believe there is a dead body buried in the backyard. They also believe the lady is a witch because she does such strage things. This novel also talks about how to keep your own flower garden. *

A Garden of Books: If one of your books were to be made into a movie, which one do you think would be the best choice?

Joy Lynn Goddard: "Daredevils". I think it would make a good movie.

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Thanks for letting me interview you, Joy! I had a brilliant time! You can visit her website here.

* "Mrs. Maloney's Garden" is for ages up to 10.

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