Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Between These Pages #12

Has a quote ever painted a smile onto your face? Or made you seriously think? Or even have made you see things in a different perspective? Well, that's what "In Between These Pages" is all about! Great, wonderful quotes from books. This meme was invented by Christina at "Insert Book Title Here" and a similar one by Karin at "Karin's Book Nook" but I have decided to rename it "In Between These Pages".

"But that's a girl's right - isn't it? To cry sometimes for no reason? Really, when you think about it, that ought to be in the Constitution."

"Mr. Solomon was right - the worst kind of torture is watching someone you love get hurt."

"That's all we can do, Brit. Take steps. Take enough of them and suddenly, you're somewhere."

"'But what if I have it? Like a sickness. Inside of me.'

'Then you have it, and maybe one day it gets you. But you decide how you live life in the meantime. You can hide in fear. Or you can live life.'"

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